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My work and experience...

I am a clinical psychologist with more than 3 decades’ experience in mental health work. I am an adult specialist and I became self-employed in 1996, training other mental health professionals, offering therapies and developing my Expert Witness practice.

Although I value technical skill, the quality of presence and listening within an interpersonal encounter in my view is paramount for effective understanding of another’s subjective experience, whether it’s for therapeutic or medico-legal purposes.

Every therapeutic encounter is unique and, whilst my training is in structured approaches such as cognitive behaviour therapy, EMDR or ACT, my own practice is fluid, reflecting the diversity of my clinical and life experience. Experiential learning is important to me and I have recently completed a course of therapy for my own personal development choosing a therapy known as Psychosynthesis.

As an Expert Witness, I have now produced more than 2000 reports, with cases increasing in complexity over time. I have learnt a great deal from seasoned Experts ‘on the other side’ so to speak in our (mostly) respectful critiques of each other’s reports. I have of course learnt most from the clients and what happens to individuals and their lives following injury or problematic medical treatments.

I am currently undertaking a 500 hour training in Yoga Therapy at the Minded Institute in London. Yoga Therapy is the clinical version of Yoga and it is informed by neuroscience and psychotherapy. It is my intention to incorporate this exciting new approach into my clinical work.

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Lawrence Yusupoff - Clinical Psychologist

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